Annandale Group is your one stop shop for construction work and home maintenance. Each division specialises in their own trade to give you the best service at the best price. As the group expands, the better deals we get on materials, marketing and insurance. Allowing us to pass the savings onto you.
Annandale Group verifies all contractors have appropriate insurance, training and great customer service skills,  giving the customer peace of mind.
The Annandale Group was designed to help the best tradesmen in Ayrshire to advertise together to reach the biggest audience as possible while saving money. This saving then gets past on to the customer.
In order for tradesmen to grow a company they recommend 30% of your revenue should be reinvested. Working together as a group we can reduce this to 5% therefore passing the savings on to you.
The Annandale Group only have the very best contractors with years of experience and knowledge of their trade. Instead of making calls to individual contractors. Make one call to the Annandale Group for a full package.
Annandale Group is a not-for-profit group of individual trade-specialist working together to provide value for money and a hassle free experience. We are some of the best tradesmen in Britain with awards to prove it.

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